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2023-07-22 [5181]
本文摘要:At first, it seemed like a brilliant marketing plan. Perhaps it still is.最初,这看起来是一个十分篮的营销方案。


At first, it seemed like a brilliant marketing plan. Perhaps it still is.最初,这看起来是一个十分篮的营销方案。也许现在仍然如此。

The popularity of the Chinese ride-sharing app Didi Dache (滴滴微信), which translates as “Honk Honk Hail a Cab,” inspired a simple pun. With the change of one character, the name became Didi Daren (滴滴打人), or “Honk Honk Beat a Person.”中国的招车应用软件滴滴微信(意思是嘀嘀两声打辆车)风靡一时,为一句非常简单的俏皮话获取了启发。只歧义换成一个字,“滴滴微信”就变为了“滴滴打人”(意思是嘀嘀两声打个人)。

And in such a joke, one tech company in Hunan Province in the south saw an opportunity. The company, Changsha Zhang Kong Information Technology Limited, whose English name is Joke, decided to develop just such an app.中国南方省份湖南省的一家科技企业从上述笑话中看见了机会。这家取名为长沙掌控信息科技有限公司(Joke)的企业,要求研发一款跟这句俏皮话同名的应用软件。

“We heard about Didi Dache every day in the news, so we wanted to sort of take a free ride on its fame,” said the head of Joke’s business department, who would give only his surname, Yuan.“滴滴微信天天上新闻,所以我们就想要搭乘个之后车,”掌控公司营业部的袁姓负责人说道。The result illustrates the turbulent world of technology in China. From abroad, the common image of the Chinese Internet is one of censorship and tight control. But outside the realm of activism and political speech, the online world in China is fiercely competitive and anarchic at times.这件事说明了中国科技行业喧闹纷乱的现状。外界普遍认为,中国的互联网是受到审查和严格控制的。但除去跟行动主义和政治言论有关的部分,中国的网络世界只不过充满著白热化的竞争,有时甚至正处于无政府状态。

That is particularly true of apps for smartphones, which come out too quickly to track and are available for download on Android app stores that, unlike in the rest of the world, are not dominated by Google. As a result, products are not closely vetted before release, and companies seek any advantage to grab the attention of potential users. Sometimes the results can backfire, but sometimes it pays to be audacious.智能手机应用软件领域最为如此:层出不穷的应用软件令人目不暇接,在安卓(Android)应用于商店里才可iTunes,而且跟其他地方有所不同,这里的安卓应用于商店并非由谷歌(Google)主导。因此,产品需要经过严苛的审查就可以公布过来,企业争相投机取巧,以更有潜在用户的眼球。这样做到有时不会产生适得其反的效果,但有时大胆而为带给了适当的报酬。Now that it has gotten some attention, Didi Daren does have a chance at achieving some success. China’s smartphone users have proved to be relatively comfortable with social networks that connect them to strangers nearby. One successful application, called Momo, connected strangers looking for dates, love — and more — well before similar apps like Tinder became popular in the United States.即然滴滴打人早已受到了注目,它很有可能取得一定程度的顺利。

事实证明,中国的智能手机用户并不敌视需要把他们和附近的陌生人联系一起的社交网络。早在Tinder等陌生人交友应用于走红美国之前,协助渴求约会、爱情以及更加多东西的陌生人建立联系的陌陌就已在中国大获得顺利。Rather than create an “Uber for Assault,” Joke said it had intended to create a concierge service, much like the app Magic, which allows users to negotiate for services like deliveries and housecleaning.掌控公司称之为,他们要打造出的并不是“用来开会流氓的优步(Uber)”,而是一款跟Magic很像的礼宾服务应用软件,用户可以通过它跟获取租车、保洁等服务的人员洽谈。

Just as Dache means “to hail a cab,” one could, with a little creativity, take Daren to mean “hail a person.” But after the release in January, some users understandably took the name at its literal meaning. Chinese news outlets said that people were using the app to offer themselves as thugs for hire, though it was unclear if any such transactions were actually completed. The Yunnan Information News reported on Saturday that it had used the app to contact a man in Shanghai who offered, for 200 to 500 renminbi, or about $30 to $80, to put someone in the hospital.正如“微信”的意思是“叫车”,你也可以有点儿创新,把“打人”解读成“叫人”。但滴滴打人1月份上线后,一些用户却在按照字面意思来理解“打人”二字,他们这样想要也是可以解读的。中国媒体称之为,有自称为流氓的人在滴滴打人上招揽生意,但目前尚能不确切他们否知道跟人达成协议了交易。《云南信息报》周六报导称之为,该报早已通过这款应用软件联系到了一个身在上海的男人,他说道只要200至500元人民币(约合30至80美元),他就可以让某个人躺进医院。

It did not help that “Baozou Big News,” an online comedy show, broadcast a skit in February about an app that did just that, with a bullied nurse and a schoolgirl being pursued by a lecherous teacher ordering beatdowns of their tormentors.网络无厘头脱口秀《实体化大事件》今年2月播出的诙谐短剧对事情并没什么协助。剧中,一个遭到霸凌的护士和一个受到好色老师侵扰的女学生用一款应用软件寻找流氓,把捉弄他们的人暴一拳了一顿。Mr. Yuan said that Joke was aware that users might take the name literally, and that it included warnings in the app against criminal activity. Still, he said the company was surprised that the app was seen as a service for hiring thugs. “We didn’t anticipate this,” he said.袁姓主管称之为,掌控公司察觉到用户可能会按照字面意思来解读“滴滴打人”4个字,于是在这款应用软件中重新加入了赞成犯罪行为的警示语。但他回应,该公司还是吃惊于滴滴打人竟然被视作一款老大人雇用流氓的服务。



“我们没有预料到这种情况,”他说道。Over three months, the app was downloaded about 200,000 times. But to the likely disappointment of high-tech hoodlums, the company and several app stores pulled Didi Daren on Monday after several critical reports emerged in the Chinese news media. Mr. Yuan said Joke planned to release a new version of the app in a few weeks that would include a “secretary,” a function to vet requests that were previously negotiated directly between users. And the app will have a new name, he said. The company also plans to ask users to submit their suggestions.在3个月时间里,滴滴打人被iTunes了20万次。但让通晓高科技的流氓沮丧的是,中国媒体刊登了几篇批评性报导之后,周一,掌控公司和多家应用于商店将滴滴打人下架处置。